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Offering Assistance for Journeys Toward Mental Wellness

We extend a multitude of services, ranging from home visits by qualified doctors and nurses to specialized care treatments, for your convenience. We also provide case management assistance, medication management, and behavioral counseling and therapy, ensuring comprehensive care. Empowering you through comprehensive care is our ultimate goal.

Doctor/ Nurse Home Visit

Why leave the comfort of your home when you can access professional medical services right at your doorstep? With our in-home doctor and nurse visits, you get face-to-face encounters with licensed healthcare professionals who deliver comprehensive care and attention tailored to your health needs. Expect a holistic approach that not only treats symptoms but also focuses on educating and empowering you about your health.

Case Management

Navigating the healthcare system can feel complex, but it doesn't have to be. Our case management team is your ally, offering personalized support every step of the way. We coordinate services, advocate for your needs, and ensure you receive the most effective, holistic care according to your unique needs. This service allows for seamless integration of care, aiming at both alleviating current health concerns and preventing future ones.

Home Health Services

With our home health services, benefit from an array of specialized care options and therapies, including nursing, physical, occupational, and speech therapy, right at your home. By bringing professional healthcare into the familiar environment of your residence, we ease the often stressful process of recovery or maintenance care. It’s all about providing support where you're most comfortable.

Social Work

Social well-being and health are inextricably linked. TNT acknowledges this by partnering with third-party providers who offer expert social work assistance, delivering guidance, essential resources, and emotional support. This supportive service is aimed at enhancing your social well-being by helping you manage social stressors, access community resources, and cultivate supportive relationships, thereby improving your overall quality of life.

Behavioral Counseling and Therapy

At TNT, we understand the importance of mental health for holistic wellness. That's why we collaborate with third-party partners to offer professional behavioral counseling and therapy services. These programs are designed to encourage healing and foster personal growth using evidence-based therapies. They can help you overcome mental health challenges and establish a healthier outlook, for a more balanced, happier life.

Medication Management

Ensuring your medications are safe, appropriate, and managed effectively is the cornerstone of our medication management service. Our knowledgeable and diligent staff monitors your medication regimen closely to prevent drug interactions, side effects, and other complications. By synchronizing the entire process, they contribute to improving your health results and peace of mind.

Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders

Navigating Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders can feel overwhelming, but you're not alone. At TNT, our compassionate support team and specialized care services are specifically designed to assist individuals dealing with these conditions. We aim to minimize symptoms, manage health complexities, and enhance day-to-day functioning, all while fostering a supportive, understanding environment to thrive in.

We Also Offer:


Enjoy uninterrupted comfort and reliability with our comprehensive utility services. At TNT, we ensure a seamless provision of power and energy, keeping your space comfortable and functional around the clock. From maintaining optimal lighting to ensuring that temperature control systems are always operational, our behind-the-scenes efforts ensure your living space is always welcoming and conducive to wellness.

Meals and Snacks

TNT's culinary team takes pride in creating a dining experience that not only satisfies your taste buds but also supports your health. Each meal and snack is thoughtfully prepared to cater to specific dietary preferences and nutritional requirements. From hearty, energizing breakfasts to light, nourishing snacks, every bite contributes to your holistic well-being, fueling both body and mind.

Comprehensive Support

Our comprehensive support extends beyond basic care, enveloping you in a wide array of daily activities designed to stimulate your mind, body, and spirit. Whether it’s through art workshops, physical fitness sessions, or intellectual pursuits, TNT offers endless opportunities for engagement, inspiration, and personal evolution. Our community encourages exploration, learning, and the development of new passions in a supportive environment.

Transportation (Medical)

With TNT’s medical transportation service, never worry about missing an important appointment or treatment session again. We offer punctual, hassle-free, and safe transportation options tailored to your medical schedule. Ensuring you arrive on time and return home safely is our priority, allowing you to focus solely on your health and recovery without the added stress of travel logistics.

Personal Television

In your personal sanctuary at TNT, enjoy the luxury of private television services. Whether you wish to catch up on your favorite series, explore new documentaries, or simply unwind with a movie, the control is yours. This service adds a layer of comfort and personalization to your living space, making it feel even more like home.


Stay effortlessly connected with those who matter most, thanks to TNT’s inclusive telephone services. Distance fades away as you pick up the phone to share news, laughter, and support with family and friends. These meaningful connections play a crucial role in your well-being, and we ensure you’re always just a call away from the voices that bring happiness to your day.


Rest assured, every night, in the coziest of surroundings, with TNT’s premium linen service. From luxuriously soft bedsheets to fluffy pillows and fresh towels, every fabric touching your skin has been chosen for its superior comfort and quality. Ensuring a peaceful, restorative sleep or a refreshing start to your day, we pay attention to these finer details because your utmost comfort is our concern.

On-site Laundry

Enjoy the convenience and ease of our on-site laundry facilities, designed to make your stay as hassle-free as possible. There’s no need to worry about the logistics of maintaining a fresh and clean wardrobe; our modern, user-friendly amenities are at your disposal. This service is just one of the many ways TNT strives to ensure you can focus on what truly matters - your health and happiness.